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Complex numbers & fractals
Posted by Ben on 12.17.17

This is a neat post, with several visualizations, about the titular topics. (If you get complains about WebGL not being supported, try it in different browsers/on different computers; it's kind of a bust without it.)

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Guest Post - The ISIL Bogeyman
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 12.16.17

Mossy Character writes: VISIL Day?

Given how much hysteria there was about ISIL in 2014, it is puzzling that its defeat has not been bigger news in the United States.
Daesh, and Muslim extremism more generally, have become a bogeyman, driving American nightmares, fears and foreign policy. This is not to say that ISIL isn't a real threat. Those people are meaner than rattlesnakes. Nor that the US cannot suffer from a terroris[t] attack. It can. But the discourse of Daesh or ISIL is not rational. Their state can collapse and it isn't a big deal here because there will be a new ISIL, since it is key to US policy making now.

Heebie's take: Hi guys! Sorry for the radio silence! It's my grandmother's 100th birthday and I haven't been near a computer. It's funny - my generally political and very lefty family seems to have all tacitly agreed not to really discuss politics this visit. It's just too much. No one is on the wrong team, so it's not like we're failing to take advantage of an opportunity to enlighten someone, but nobody has much appetite for the kind of conversations we used to enjoy, at least not when it's a short, limited visit and thus would replace a more personal conversation.

But anyway, this link is short and good. I literally did not know we'd defeated ISIL.

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