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Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 03.22.17

Of course the Republicans are going to fall in line and vote for TrumpRyanTaxCutsCare. There's no suspense about this whatsoever.

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Religion Of Peace, Little Brother
Posted by Ogged on 03.22.17

Hey, I'm not immune; this is great. I love how he just appears on the spot, a Jesus/Omar amalgam.

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According To Science
Posted by Ogged on 03.22.17

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So interesting: the ages when you peak at different, important life skills according to science (ht @DanielPink) pic.twitter.com/jwzGtlkua9

— Katherine Milkman (@katy_milkman) March 21, 2017

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Sick on the internet
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 03.21.17

Who do you tell when you're sick?

[R]esearch shows that patients are most open with their family and current friends, least open with neighbors and childhood friends. Work colleagues rank in the middle. Multiple sclerosis, A.L.S. and epilepsy rank highest on conditions people disclose; fibromyalgia, mood disorders and H.I.V. rank lowest.
"With something like H.I.V., there are very clear issues about cultural reactions and risk of infection," he said. "But something like organ transplants are the opposite. If you need a kidney transplant, trust me, everyone will have to know. Finding a match is nearly impossible."

Makes sense. I've been fairly private about my experience, mostly because I don't want to discuss my breasts with people that I know IRL, and also because it didn't leave me on crutches or anything that visually stood out. I have not said anything to a general Facebook audience. Two or three people at work needed to know, and my close friends and family know, and that's about it IRL.

This matches my experience:

"The first thing people get on social media is emotional support," she said. "But it quickly shifts to medical information as the patients go onto specialized websites and become more expert in treatments, scientific trials and so on."
Most people are comfortable sharing their names in disease-specific forums, she said, even if those forums are on Facebook, where membership in such a group can be visible to their friends. The information in these discussions is so valuable that if you still prefer anonymity, you should join under a pseudonym.

J. Robot told me about the Facebook BRCA+ group. I'd been actively/lazily researching BRCA related matters for over a decade. But stuff that gets published officially is far less useful than having 100 patients pool what 100 different doctors have said. You can often quickly determine if there's a consensus or not, or if there's a trend between less-informed and more-informed doctors, or if the doctors are mostly bluffing and contradicting each other all over the place and confidently stating their opinion on something that's not actually clearly determined. The usefulness of the ad hoc tailor-made survey cannot be overstated, and I can't think of another avenue in which you could get it.

This has become my go-to (unsolicited) advice for people with a new medical condition: find the Facebook group.

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I Found It
Posted by Ogged on 03.21.17

The old, great America. Some of you have probably heard this story, but it's amazing in every particular, and so many of those particulars seem impossible today.

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Mental Flotsam
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 03.20.17

You know the cliche about how when you read the Bible or Shakespeare*, you're shocked to realize how much of the detritus in your brain originated there? Recently I bought The Westing Game to have lying around the house, and so I re-read it for the first time in 25 years. Holy cow a lot of my brain tics arose from that book. Just little phrases - "Unaware of the near amputation, [the cleaning woman stared at the Westing House]" and murmuring "(branta canadensis)" - flit across my mind very often.


"You know, Turtle, you may be right about putting our money in the stock market. I remember the will said May God thy gold refine. That must be from the Bible." "Shakespeare," Turtle replied. All quotations were either from the Bible or Shakespeare.

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