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Guest Post - Apologies
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 01.26.21

Hydrobatidae writes: Mama-Instagram* is suffering the after effects of it coming out that one of the major stars was a Trump contributor** So far she hasn't offered an apology or even an explanation. I unfollowed her after some thought because I wanted to do my part not to support white supremacists. But I had to think about it because my follow/unfollow is insignificant in the Instagram environment and I wanted to follow the drama and see the response (I just search once in a while which is probably also helping her metrics).

Once I decided to unfollow I was wondering if there was anything she could say or do that would make me change my mind. And I realized, nope. I thought he was a horrible human while he was running for GOP leadership and that people who thought otherwise were idiots. Everything I've learned since has upheld that belief. If you thought otherwise or voted for him or gave him money (I cannot imagine), I think at best you are ignorant and can't really be trusted to parent, and at worst, you're evil. I've settled on kinda evil for most Trump voters***

Anyway, my question to Unfogged - what do we/I owe Trump supporters or donors if they apologize? I assume we'll get some in the next few years?

*my term for the white women who offer advice on baby and toddler behaviour including things like sleep, learning, and eating. I do think this broad group is pretty conservative and Christian but I try to find the non-evangelical ones

**a sleep Instagrammer. Had almost 2 million followers, down to 1.3 million. Husband is pediatrician, lives in San Diego, mixed race kids.

***I'm particularly bothered by the children separated from their parents at the border so this woman donating to a monster who condoned and encouraged that is just absolutely galling to me. I cannot think what is so important to her that she would choose to support him. I'm guessing it rhymes with shamortion.

Heebie's take: This is a topic I'm intensely interested in. I work and live among Trump supporters. They're not a majority, but they're not nothing. My guess is 25-30% of the people where I don't have a choice whether to associate or not with them probably voted for Trump?

So first there's a category of people where I think "You'll never apologize and we'll never address it, and my opinion of you is permanently damaged by my suspicions." Second there's a category of people where MAGA/Qanon will be an increasingly salient part of their personality. I imagine these people will become pariahs, and their bosses will quietly document justification to let them go from their job, and they will basically cease to be functional members of society.

So can a Trump supporter apologize and make amends? Maybe, but it would need to involve some serious soul-searching and a wholesale change in politics, I think, and a navel-gazing exposition of why and how they came to recognize the depth of their depravity. If it has even a whiff of "we went too far, but mostly let's agree to disagree" then they can fuck right off.

I've been thinking of a variation on this question too: how much compassion and sympathy is due to these families - everywhere! - who are losing their loved ones to Covid after the loved one and all their surrounding family members flagrantly and consistently disregarded all available safe modifications to their lifestyle for the past ten months?

I feel mixed. I'm sorry that you think scientists and leftists are annoying nerds who won't stop nagging, but you killed your loved one (or they killed themself) out of that belief. And contributed to the deaths of innocent people who were trying their best to stay safe.

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Guest Post - Bananapants
Posted by Heebie-Geebie on 01.25.21

Nick S. writes: This twitter thread is amazing . . . long but worth reading a more or less live-tweetstream of reading a batshit crazy legal filing (which, among other things, cites Gondor as relevant precedent):

This is a bananapants clownshoes performance. Except they're wearing the bananapants on their heads, the shoes on their ears, and nothing else.

Heebie's take: It starts off like so:

Good morning, post-election frivolous performative litigation followers - we've got another new filing in Seditionists v 117th Congress et al.
It's yet another motion for a Temporary Restraining Order - making it the 3rd in 3 days.
And it's a DOOZY.

And ends up finding excerpts like so:


They want the entire government (less the judiciary) placed into "a state of stewardship" on an ex parte basis *pending* actual proceedings.

I can't even. pic.twitter.com/oGpZFCMTWU

— Mike Dunford (@questauthority) January 22, 2021

Jammies told me about some audio he heard from January 6th, where the mob makes it into the chambers and is like, "Where is everybody?!" Like, they're shocked that the politicians have been evacuated.

It's like they thought storming the capitol would be similar to when it was in vogue to open carry your most fearsome machine guns into Target. That everyone would continue shopping or carrying on with their business, but with more flinching and cowering, and you could demand to talk to the manager, and the manager might in fact come out and talk to you. It's just delusion piled on caricature, piled on meth-addled haze of taking apart the entire car to its nuts and bolts.

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